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Our Mission

A Retreat with a Purpose

Residents raising their arms up to an ocean sunset

Your stay with the Retreat at Center Hill Lake supports the Timothy Hill Ranch and it's mission to transform the lives of young men who come form broken homes and a troubled past. This work is done through our transitional work program, which teaches independent living skills and helps develop skills to prepare for jobs with Tennessee-based employers.

"When I wake up early and work hard, I feel like I am living the best version of myself."

- Intern   

Timothy Hill Ranch:   

Center Hill Lake   

An "ex-tern" from the Tennessee Campus.

Many of the young men you will see working on our campus are in our program and preparing to move on to the professional workplace. Click Here and you will find statistics on fatherlessness in America. With your help, we are bringing these numbers down. Thank you for considering a stay with us and taking part in transforming lives through love.

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